Parent Guide

Valero Energy Foundation and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Coastal Bend Regional Science Fair

Parents' Role
Parents in the community may be an untapped treasure to the teacher. Often, parents are very willing to help in the following ways:

  1. Resource Person: provide expertise on the topic, help find resource information, or provide contact with experts
  2. Supplies: furnish or locate needed equipment
  3. Transportation: take students to library, to meet with resource people, or to gather supplies
  4. Place: provide a garage, plant nursery, or laboratory

Each school should write a letter to the parents as early as possible telling them of the Science Fair and explaining how they can help.

NOTE: Participation in the regional science fair is determined by the school district. Registration for the event should be completed by the school or district science fair coordinator only. Parents should NOT complete any registrations.

If you are not sure if your student is in a school or district that is participating in the regional fair, please contact the science fair coordinator to determine district or school registration. Private school districts fall under the same guidelines as public school districts.

Home schools are encouraged to participate.